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Fire and Smoke Strips

Flexible and reliable fire and smoke strips

Intumescent high pressure activation, low volume strip for door edges and frames, our fire and smoke strip range provides between thirty minutes and one hour of fire protection.

Our smokestrip prevents cold smoke from penetrating the inevitable gaps between doors and door frames, which could endanger life, block escape routes and damage property even before the fire spreads.

Essentially a dense bristle pile with a patented integral sealing fin, it is simply pressed and glued into a suitable groove that’s been carefully cut into the door or door frame.

Our smokestrip can be fitted to all types of timber door, either during manufacture or on site.

As it protects against smoke only, it should always be installed in conjunction with our intumescent strips for full protection.

Product Information

  • Certified to BS476 Part 22 (1987)
  • High pressure, low volume for fast reaction in a fire situation
  • Factory fit or on-site fitting

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For more information about Fire Protection and our comprehensive range of passive fire protection products, simply get in touch with a member of the team by calling 01480 215000 or by emailing fireprotection@dufaylite.com.

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