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Integrated Management Policy

The Dufaylite group objective is to produce a quality product allied with outstanding customer service that is compliant with all relevant health, safety and environmental legislation. To achieve this objective a management system is in place that is designed to incrementally improve the efficiency of its operational activities, thereby improving business profitability and customer satisfaction.

In addition Dufaylite recognises its responsibilities to environmental protection, the prevention of pollution and the continued well being of its workforce. To ensure this ongoing commitment the management team of the Dufaylite group will;

  • Provide adequate and appropriate resources to ensure this policy is implemented.
  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions including safe plant and equipment, safe storage, handling use and disposal of all materials and substances.
  • Provide facilities and arrangements for welfare at work including first response (1st aid) and emergencies.
  • Look to continually improve the management system and its performance, via internal audits, management review and other operational activities.
  • Develop and adopt technologies and procedures that improve product quality & customer service, reduce environmental impact and prevent injury to its employees and work related ill health.
  • Comply with all relevant legislation pertaining to all health & safety and environmental aspects associated with the production of its products.
  • Comply with the specific requirements of ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and OHSAS 18001 and other requirements appertaining to the manufacture of its range of products.
  • Be considerate of how the activities of the Dufaylite group impact on our employees, visitors, neighbours and other interested parties.
  • Integrate quality, health & safety and environmental management into decision making policies.
  • Review performance against targets and objectives regularly, as part of the management review process.

This policy will be communicated and promoted to all employees and sub-contractors through induction, aware s ining an notice boards. Interested parties can access the policy through the web-site